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Process Description
Molds for cold heading M/C or forming M/C are made by using lathes, round-shaped grinders, dischargers, and wire cutters.
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Molding Production Equipment: 19 in total
Name Quantity


Wire cutting M/C 1 CHARMILLES (SWISS)
Lapping M/C 6

Samchully Machinery(KOREA)

Cylindrical Grinder 1 Tongil Heavy Industry (KOREA)
Plane Grinder 2 Yooil Machinery (KOREA)
Internal Grinder 1 JAGURA (TWIWAN)
Universal Grinder 1 Young Jin Machinery (KOREA)

Discharger(E.D.M.) 2

Lathe/Milling M/C 5 Daewoo Heavy Industry (KOREA)